About DocDB

DocDB is a powerful and flexible collaborative document server. It was originally developed for use by the BTeV collaboration at Fermilab and is now used by twenty or more other experiments, Fermilab divisions, organizations, national laboratories, and companies (a partial list). DocDB is well suited for managing and sharing documents (not just official publications) among groups of up to several hundred people.

A DocDB installation consists of three parts: 1) a relational database which stores information about the documents, 2) a file system hierarchy used for storing the documents themselves, and 3) a suite of CGI scripts which provide coherent access to both sets of information.

Please see BTeV-doc-140 for a somewhat outdated description of DocDB.

DocDB is available under the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL), version 2.

To obtain DocDB, please see the files section of our project management page for a zip file. For the very latest code, see the developers GitHub repository. Installation instructions are maintained at Fermilab. Our project management page is hosted by SourceForge.

Send questions about installing DocDB to docdb-users@fnal.gov
The docdb-users mailing list is archived at http://listserv.fnal.gov/archives/docdb-users.html.

If you have questions about using a particular DocDB implementation, please send mail to the administrators of that implementation. You should find a link labeled Document Database Administrators at the bottom of every DocDB page.

Principal author: Eric Vaandering
Additional authors: Adam Bryant and Lynn Garren